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What color is the criminal justice tassel?

Tassel Color
Masters Tassel Color
College of Arts & Sciences - Social Work Citron (Yellow)
College of Business Drab (Beige)
College of Education and Human Services - Criminal Justice Gold
College of Education and Human Services - Education Light Blue

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Similarly, it is asked, what color are college tassels?

However, strictly speaking, the Code states that "The tassel should be black or the color appropriate to the [academic] subject," and only makes an exception for the gold tassel, which is reserved for those entitled to wear the doctoral gown. Only one tassel is worn at a time.

Beside above, what Color Tassel is psychology? Academic Regalia Inter-Collegiate Colors

Drab Maize Light Blue
Science Gold Nile Green Gold
Physics Podiatry Psychology
Peacock Blue Salmon Pink Light Blue
Public Administration Public Health Religious Education

In respect to this, what do different tassels colors mean?

Below are some of the different colors of tassels and cords one might expect to see during graduation. Tassels: Black – College of Applied Science and Technology. Orange – Electronics Engineering (Bachelor Degrees) White – Telitha E.

What do graduation gown colors mean?

This graduation gown color is used to represent the humanities, including Literature, Liberal Arts, and Fine Art. You'll see colors employed in the gown trim to symbolize the graduate's chosen subject (rather than the degree level).

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