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What color is American Spirit Light?

Yellow - this is their equivalent to a light. Light Blue - what would normally be a red in most other brands, the normal middle ground full flavor cigarette. Light Green - a full flavored cigarette with light Menthol. Dark Green - a full flavored cigarette with a strong Menthol.

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In this manner, is American spirit yellow or blue stronger?

Natural American Spirit tobacco Blue, is pure natural tobacco, with no stems, preservatives or additives, made entirely from 100% whole leaf. American Spirit Blue is fuller in flavour than American Spirit Yellow, which is the lighter alternative.

Secondly, what are the different American spirits?

  • Blue - Full-bodied Original Flavor.
  • Turquoise - Organic full-bodied flavor.
  • Yellow - Mellow original flavor.
  • Gold - Organic mellow flavor.
  • Orange - Ultra-mellow original flavor.
  • Dark Green - Organic full-bodied menthol.
  • Light Green - Organic mellow menthol.
  • Black - Full-bodied Perique blend.

Also Know, what are the yellow American Spirits?

The Yellow pack offers a mellow tobacco taste with our 100% additive-free natural American Spirit Blend. Like all of our styles, the cigarettes in our Yellow pack are packed with up to 25% more tobacco than other leading king-sized cigarettes, giving you a longer and more enjoyable smoke.

Do American Spirit cigarettes have chemicals?

The "Natural American Spirit" cigarette, marketed here as "100% Chemical Additive-Free Tobacco." American Spirit cigarettes contain 36 percent free-base nicotine, compared with 9.6 percent in a Marlboro, 2.7 percent in a Camel, and 6.2 percent in a Winston.

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