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What clothes did Puritans wear?

Most Puritans dressed in brown or indigo because brown vegetable and indigo dyes were plentiful. They wore other colors as well. Clothes were cut in austere, form-fitting styles and made from cotton or wool. The Puritans also wore leather and fur clothing since these materials were cheap, abundant and warm.

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Likewise, people ask, why did the Puritans wear clothes?

Puritans were strongly opposed to sensual pleasures and were strong advocates of propriety, modesty and and decorum. Once again, the early Colonial Clothing of the Puritans reflected these beliefs. The Colonial Clothing worn by Puritan men were quite heavy and made from materials such as wool, linen or leather.

One may also ask, why did Puritans wear black? King Charles I was a walking list of violations of the Puritan dress code. Fashionistas in Charles' court wore boots with broad, showy circles of leather. Though the Puritans didn't always dress in black – they did wear many colors – they found the wasteful and unseemly clothing of England's high society immodest.

Also asked, how did Puritans clothing support their religion?

Puritan clothing reflected the religious view that people should avoid material excess in order to focus more on internal beauty and righteousness. Because of this, Puritan clothing often avoided frills, lace and colors that required expensive dyes.

How did people dress in 1692?

Women wore dresses that covered everything from their necks to the floor, white aprons, and their hair was usually up in a bun. Boys began wearing breeches instead of skirts around the age of seven. Men wore black suits and hats with a brim.

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