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What climate factors affect soil formation?

Two important climatic components, temperature and precipitation are key. They determine how quickly weathering will be, and what kind of organic materials may be available on and inside of the soils. Moisture determines the chemical and biological reactions that will occur as the soils are formed.

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Considering this, how climate affect soil formation?

Climate affects soil formation because it determines the amount of water that is available for processes such as the weathering of minerals, the transportation of minerals and the release of elements. Climate also influences the temperature of the soil, which determines the rate of chemical weathering.

Also Know, what 2 factors have the greatest influence on soil formation? The influence of climate is due to basically two factors: temperature and rainfall. Climate indirectly affects soil formation through its influence on organisms as well. High temperatures and rainfall increase the degree of weathering and therefore the extent of soil development.

Regarding this, what are the factors that affect soil formation?

Soils are formed through the interaction of five major factors: time, climate, parent material, topography and relief, and organisms. The relative influence of each factor varies from place to place, but the combination of all five factors normally determines the kind of soil developing in any given place.

What factor does not affect soil formation?

Soil texture does not affect the soil formation.

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