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What city has the highest birth rate?

Birth rate (births per 1,000 population)
Hinesville, GA 20.36
Jacksonville, NC 19.77
Provo-Orem, UT 19.43
Laredo, TX 18.22

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Correspondingly, where is the highest birth rate?


what causes high birth rate? Birth rates are high for a number of reasons: Lack of family planning education or contraceptives. In rural areas children are needed as labour on farms. In urban areas they are needed to work in the informal sector to earn money for their families.

Similarly, you may ask, which city has the lowest birth rate?

Seoul, the nation's capital, had the lowest figure at 0.69 in the third quarter of this year while Sejong, a city home to a complex of government offices, reported the highest rate at 1.34.

What country has the youngest population?


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