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What channel is the ACC Network extra on spectrum?

On Spectrum, you'll find The ACC Network on channel 388. It's part of the Spectrum TV Select package, so you don't have to purchase a special sports package. NOTE: If you are a Time Warner Cable “legacy” customer, you will not have the ACC Network.

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Then, what is ACC Network extra on spectrum?

ACC Network Extra is a streaming-only option, offered exclusively through WatchESPN and the ESPN app, that airs many of the games not shown on the ACC Network. How is it different from the ACC Network? The ACC Network is a channel offered through your cable provider or streaming service.

is ACC Network on Spectrum cable? The ACC Network will be available on Spectrum. Spectrum has come to an agreement with ESPN to carry the ACC Network this fall, Disney and Charter Communications announced Wednesday. The new channel, set to cover all things Atlantic Coast Conference, is set to launch on Aug. 22.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how much is the ACC Network on spectrum?

ACCN is available to Spectrum customers on the Select TV package, which includes 125 channels for $64.99 per month. A more basic package is available that doesn't include ACCN.

Does spectrum carry ACC Network extra?

ACC fans can also rest assured that they will be able to watch their favorite teams on Spectrum, one of the largest distributors across the ACC footprint, when ACC Network launches next week.” Together, the ACCN and its digital platform, ACC Network Extra (ACCNE), will feature 1,350 ACC events in its first year.

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