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What challenges did Germany face after World War I?

Besides territorial losses, Germany also faced a disarmament mandate. The army was reduced to a mere 100,000 soldiers and the Rhineland was forcibly demilitarized. Finally, the Versailles Treaty imposed heavy reparations upon Germany as a direct response to its aggressive tendencies during WWI.

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Also asked, what problems did Germany face after ww1?

The Weimar Republic faced violent uprisings from various groups, not to mention devastating economic problems. Germany between 1918 and 1919 was in chaos.

  • a French invasion of the Ruhr.
  • a general strike.
  • runaway inflation - hyperinflation.
  • a number of communist rebellions.
  • an attempted Nazi putsch in Munich.

what problems did European countries faced after ww1? Europe was in hurt economically, especially Germany

  • Workers and veterans looking for food.
  • In debt to France and Britain.
  • Already having economic problems.
  • Started printing more money to pay debt.
  • Hurt by inflation.
  • Forced to pay reparations, reduce its army, and basically get rid of navy.

Secondly, how were the Germans treated after ww1?

After WW1 Germany faced harsh conditions under the treaty of Versailles. The treaty destroyed their economy with common unemployment and a massive increase in inflation. The treaty also made them admit to being responsible for the war. The people themselves were divided between east and West Berlin/Germany.

How did World War 1 affect Germany?

Germany lost to the allies in WW1 and suffered huge territorial losses giving away its land and population to Poland, Russia, France, Belgium an Denmark and ultimately had to sign The Treaty of Versailles. Terms of the treaty were: 1. Germany had to accept the "War Guilt Clause" and pay reparations.

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