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What causes the pressure that keeps a balloon inflated?

A balloon filled with air is really mostly empty space. It is the collisions of the air molecules with the inside walls of the balloon that keep the balloon inflated. Air pressure inside a balloon also depends on the size of the balloon.

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People also ask, what happens to the pressure when you inflate a balloon?

When you inflate a balloon, you're actually putting gases, in this case mostly helium, into an elastic container. As you add more gas, the pressure inside the balloon increases, and in response, the balloon expands As you go higher into the atmosphere, the air becomes thinner, and the atmospheric pressure drops.

Also, what force causes a balloon to rise? Hot air is less dense than cool air; the heated air causes the balloon to rise simply because it is lighter than an equal volume of cold air. Buoyancy is an upward force that the air exerts, and it helps hot-air balloons and blimps stay in the air.

Then, what is the pressure in a balloon?

If it is filled with air, it is about 950 millibars plus or minus 75 millibars. Ok, that was fun. Seriously, it is only slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. That is 14.7 PSI more or less.

How do you increase pressure in a balloon?

As the balloon volume decreases, pressure inside the balloon increases. It eventually is able to balance the outside air pressure. You end up with a balloon filled with cold high density air. If you warm air it will expand and density will decrease until the pressure inside and outside the parcel are equal.

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