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What causes Radiolucency?

These two forms are typically caused by bacterial infection in the setting of pulpal or periodontal infection, mandibular foreign bodies, sepsis or trauma. In dental infection, pulpal infection extends into the bone marrow and there is compression of blood vessels from periapical lesions.

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Also to know is, what does Radiolucency mean?

Radiolucent: Permeable to one or another form of radiation, such as X-rays. Radiolucent objects do not block radiation but let it pass. Plastic is usually radiolucent. The opposite of radiolucent is radiopaque.

Subsequently, question is, what causes periapical Radiolucency? Myriad non-odontogenic lesions, both benign and malignant, may be seen as a lucency around the tooth root that mimics a periapical lucency due to apical periodontal or pulpal disease. These conditions include fissural cysts, cemento-osseous dysplasias, giant cell granulomata, and simple bone cysts.

Also to know, what causes Radiolucency in teeth?

These causes can range from being endodontic, restorative, periodontic, occlusion, patient's habit (i.e. tongue ring), trauma, etc. Often, teeth with prior root canal treatment that present with large radiolucencies require a commitment from the patient and the treating doctor.

What is a radiolucent lesion?

Most dentigerous cysts are asymptomatic, and their discovery is usually an incidental finding on radiography. The usual radiographic appearance is that of a well-demarcated radiolucent lesion attached at an acute angle to the cervical area of an unerupted tooth. The border of the lesion may be radiopaque.

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