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What causes pressure belts?

On the earth's surface, there are seven pressure belts. Warm air being light, the air at the Equator rises, creating a low pressure. At the poles the cold heavy air causes high pressure to be created/formed. It is also due to the rotation of the earth.

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Similarly, you may ask, what are pressure belts?

A pressure belt is a region on the earth which is dominated by either high pressure cells or low pressure cells. The tropics about 22.5° N/S is a low pressure belt. On both sides of the tropics there is high pressure belts. On either side of these are the polar low belts.

Also, what are the causes and consequences of shifting of pressure belts? The shifting of the pressure belts cause seasonal changes in the climate, especially between latitudes 30° and 40° in both hemispheres. In this region the Mediterranean type of climate is experienced because of shifting of permanent belts southwards and northwards with the overhead position of the sun.

Also asked, what leads to shifting of pressure belts?

Shifting. Because both small winds and larger pressure belts are driven by temperature differentials, changes in temperature at the surface can alter them. Similarly, when centers of low pressure or high pressure move through an area, they can alter the flow of local wind and even create storms.

Why are subpolar belts low pressure?

Answer: it is also due to the rotation of the earth. In the Subpolar region around latitudes 60° to 65° North and South of the Equator, the rotation of the earth pushes up the bulk of the air towards the Equator, creating a low pressure belt in this region. Winds always blow from high pressure to low pressure.

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