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What causes ITP in dogs?

ITP is caused by an autoimmune attack against the dog's own platelets, and usually the initial cause of this is unknown. It can be a primary problem or a secondary problem, triggered by other diseases. ITP can be caused by various infections, including viral and bacterial infections.

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Simply so, is ITP in dogs curable?

ITP is a considered a treatable condition. Aggressive medical care is required, however, to help dogs with ITP and many require hospitalization. The immune response against the platelets must be controlled with immunosuppressive drugs. Anemia is often treated with blood transfusion therapy.

One may also ask, how do you treat ITP in dogs? The mainstay of treatment for ITP is immunosuppressive corticosteroid therapy, usually given as prednisone starting at 2 mg/kg/day (or 30 mg/m2 for larger-breed dogs). This dose is gradually reduced once the platelet count has returned to normal, typically with dose reductions of 25% every two to four weeks.

Then, what is the most common cause of low platelet count in dogs?

Lymphoma. Decreased platelet production. Extreme blood loss due to a hemorrhage. Increased destruction of platelets in the body (infectious agents are the most common cause of this problem)

What causes immune mediated thrombocytopenia in dogs?

Often there is an association between a disease and thrombocytopenia, but the causative role has not been confirmed experimentally.1 Conditions that have been associated with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia include autoimmune disorders, drug therapy, blood product transfusion, vaccine administration, various neoplasms

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