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What causes high alkalinity in well water?

High alkalinity in the source (feed) water to the reverse osmosis system can cause scaling on the membrane because calcium carbonate (primary cause of alkalinity in water) precipitates on the membranes. In summary, the main problem that arises from high pH water is when it is alkaline.

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Besides, how do I lower the alkalinity in my well water?

If the pH level of the well water is greater than 8.5, you can reduce the effects of excessive alkalinity by installing either a special ion exchange unit designed to reduce alkalinity or a chemical feed pump system that injects a weak acid solution.

Beside above, what causes high alkalinity in water? The presence of calcium carbonate or other compounds such as magnesium carbonate contribute carbonate ions to the buffering system. Alkalinity is often related to hardness because the main source of alkalinity is usually from carbonate rocks (limestone) which are mostly CaCO3.

Regarding this, is high alkalinity in well water bad?

The lower the alkalinity, the more likely water is to be corrosive. Water with high alkalinity (greater than 150 mg/l) may cause scale (lime) buildup in plumbing.

How do you fix high pH in well water?

For water between pH 4 and pH 6, use soda ash mixed at one pound of soda ash per gallon of water. Feed this solution into the well at a rate to raise the pH to near 7 at the faucet farthest from the well. For water less than pH 4, use caustic soda. This material is extremely dangerous.

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