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What causes hard lumps in pears?

When pears still on the tree are stressed, they often develop clusters of stone cells, the hard spots you are noticing. Stress may come from poor ripening, from pears left on the tree too long, or from lack of water during the time when the fruit was growing.

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Then, why do pears have a gritty texture?

Have you noticed that pears can sometimes have a gritty texture compared to apples? This comes from stone cells, which develop in pears as they ripen on the tree. They are protective for the fruit, but not necessarily what humans want, so pears are picked when mature, but not ripe, to avoid excess stone cells.

what's wrong with my pear tree? Other common diseases that damage pear trees include Fabraea leaf spot, caused by the fungus Fabraea maculate. Keep a look out for dark spots on leaves that then yellow and fall. Cankers appear on fruits too, and cause them to crack. Fungicide spray can also help control the disease.

Beside this, are Bartlett pears hard?

Flavor and Texture Pears are sweet, mild fruits that vary in texture and tone. This variety ripens early and, unlike "Bartlett," tastes sweet even when the skin and flesh are hard. "Bartlett" pears, on the other hand, are best consumed when fully ripe -- when the flesh gives slightly to finger pressure.

How do you treat pear tree disease?

Avoid heavy pruning or excess applications of nitrogen fertilizer, both of which encourage new growth. Avoid planting close to wild plants of hawthorn, apple or pear. As soon as fire blight is discovered, prune off infected branches 1 foot below the diseased sections and burn them to prevent further infection.

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