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What causes frost on inside walls?

Inside your home the air is warm. This warm air can hold a fair amount of water vapor. When warm, moist air contacts a cold surface, it can condense. But the walls are so cold, the water that is condensing is turning to ice and frost.

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Thereof, why is there frost on the inside of my walls?

Warm air moves from warm to cold during the winter months. When your exterior walls are improperly insulated, the moist air will find its way through your interior walls and find the cold spots and frost will form behind the drywall and even on the drywall inside the home.

Subsequently, question is, why are my walls Freezing? Moisture problems more often happen inside walls in cold climates because the interior drywall is typically too warm to pull the water vapor out of the air. The humid, indoor air has to find the exterior sheathing to find a cold enough surface to get into the materials.

Similarly one may ask, how do you fix condensation on interior walls?

Dry the wall surface with a fan heater, then tape some kitchen foil tightly over the affected area. If the surface of the foil is wet after 24 hours, you have condensation. Condensation occurs when moisture-laden air builds up inside the house. Poor ventilation and over-efficient draught-proofing are often to blame.

Why do my walls get wet in the winter?

A large temperature difference between the air outside and the air inside your home encourages condensation on surfaces like walls and windows. This excess condensation can cause wet walls, encouraging mold growth and drywall stains.

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