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What causes fire blight in fruit trees?

Fire blight, caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora, is a common and frequently destructive disease of pome fruit trees and related plants. Pear (Pyrus species) and quince (Cydonia) are extremely susceptible. Apple, crabapple (Malus species), and firethorns (Pyracantha species) also are frequently damaged.

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Also know, how do you control fire blight?

Avoid heavy pruning or excess applications of nitrogen fertilizer, both of which encourage new growth. Avoid planting close to wild plants of hawthorn, apple or pear. As soon as fire blight is discovered, prune off infected branches 1 foot below the diseased sections and burn them to prevent further infection.

Also Know, is fire blight contagious? Fire blight is a contagious, systemic, bacterial disease. Bacteria (erwinia amylovora) attack the blossoms in early spring and then move up the twigs and branches through the tree's system.

Also know, how is fire blight spread?

Fireblight can be spread from diseased to healthy plants by rain, wind, and pruning tools. The bacterium can survive the winter in sunken cankers on infected branches. In spring, the bacteria ooze out of the cankers and attract bees and other insects. Insects also help spread the disease to healthy plants.

What does fire blight look like on apple trees?

A characteristic symptom of shoot blight is the bending of terminal growth into the shape of a shepherd's crook. Pearly or amber-colored droplets of bacterial ooze are often present on diseased blossoms, fruit, and leaf stems, on succulent shoot stems, and on the exterior of infected fruits.

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