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What causes Epibole?

Causes. Epibole results when the upper epidermal cells roll down over the lower epidermal cells and migrate down the sides of the wound instead of across. Edges that roll over ultimately cease migration secondary to contact inhibition once epithelial cells of the leading edge come in contact with other epithelial cells

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Consequently, what causes undermining of a wound?

Another cause of undermining is pressure being applied to the wound. Forces such as shearing placed on a wound can cause the tissue under the skin to become damaged, resulting in undermining. Pressure ulcers often have undermining because of lack of blood flow and pressure being applied to the wound.

One may also ask, what does macerated skin look like? Maceration occurs when skin is in contact with moisture for too long. Macerated skin looks lighter in color and wrinkly. It may feel soft, wet, or soggy to the touch. Skin maceration is often associated with improper wound care.

Also, what is Slough in a wound?

Slough is a consequence of the inflammatory phase of wound healing. It comprises dead white blood cells, fibrin, cellular debris and liquefied devitalised tissue. In acute wounds, neutrophils remove dead and devitalised tissue and ingest debris and bacteria.

What is Periwound skin?

The periwound (also peri-wound) or periwound skin, is tissue surrounding a wound. Periwound area is traditionally limited to 4 cm outside the wound's edge but can extend beyond this limit if outward damage to the skin is present.

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