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What causes cardiac remodeling?

In cardiology, ventricular remodeling (or cardiac remodeling) refers to changes in the size, shape, structure, and function of the heart. This can happen as a result of exercise (physiological remodeling) or after injury to the heart muscle (pathological remodeling).

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Accordingly, is cardiac remodeling good or bad?

Conclusion. Cardiac remodeling is associated with the development and progression of ventricular dysfunction, arrhythmias and poor prognosis. After MI, may predispose to ventricular rupture and aneurysm formation. Despite therapeutic advances, mortality rates related to cardiac remodeling/dysfunction remain high.

Beside above, do beta blockers prevent cardiac remodeling? Beta blockers not only slow the progression of ventricular remodeling, but even reverse it. To date, three different β blockers (carvedilol, metoprolol, and bisoprolol) have been shown to prolong survival in heart failure patients.

Just so, how do ACE inhibitors prevent cardiac remodeling?

ACE inhibitors are known to increase tissue bradykinin accumulation. Bradykinin has antigrowth effects and reduces vasomotor tone. Increased kinin activation resulting from ACE inhibition may attenuate structural remodelling in the infarcted heart.

How can ventricular remodeling be prevented?

A large amount of data support the use of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors to improve survival and to prevent progressive remodeling. In addition, recent studies suggest that beta-adrenergic blockers have a beneficial effect on both survival and remodeling.

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