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What causes bearding in quilts?

It's when the fibers of a quilt's batting migrate through the fabric and are visible on the top and back of your quilt. The causes of bearding that I've always heard are things that I thought I had avoided. Polyester batting: The stiffer fibers of polyester are more likely to make their way through the fabric fibers.

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Just so, which side of quilt batting goes up?

right side

Secondly, how many layers of quilt batting do I need? Two layers

Accordingly, how far apart can you quilt polyester batting?

Because batting with a scrim is stronger and more stable, you can place your quilting stitches further apart—as much as 8-12″ apart, versus a maximum of only 3-4″ for batting without a scrim.

What can I use instead of quilt batting?

Most of these fabrics, however, don't provide the same plush feeling as batting — they are either too thin or not flexible enough. However, one good alternative fabric for quilt batting is fleece. Fleece is a lot cheaper than traditional batting, and you can use it for the inside of your quilts.

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