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What causes a frontal lisp?

Frontal lisps are sometimes caused by tongue thrust, which is when the tongue is consistently too far forward, including during swallowing and at rest (when the tongue is not doing anything at all). Not all frontal lisps are caused by tongue thrust but some are.

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Also, what is a frontal lisp?

An interdental (frontal) lisp occurs when the tongue sticks out between the front teeth. This error makes /s/ and /z/ sound like “th” (e.g., yeth/yes). A lateral lisp occurs when air escapes over the sides of the tongue. A lateral lisp often sounds “wet” or “slushy” because you can hear the sounds of saliva.

Subsequently, question is, when should frontal lisp disappear? Interdental lisps are often developmental disorders and usually resolve themselves by the age of 4 1/2. Anytime after 4 1/2 is a good time to seek the advice of a speech therapist. If the therapist feels your child is ready and would benefit from therapy, get started as soon as possible.

Also, can a frontal lisp be corrected?

Low tone of oral musculature can be corrected with oral strengthening; some oral motor exercises taught by a professional can help. Many times, when the feeding, drooling, low tone etc are addressed, the frontal lisp will resolve itself.

Can you cure a lisp?

For these people, speech pathologists can help with therapy (or “training” if the term is preferred), ideally based on principles of motor speech. But only for people who want help to get rid of their lisp. If you have a lisp and want help, we've developed a course for you.

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