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What causes a butterfly fracture?

Fractures due to indirect trauma are more predictable than those due to direct trauma. Generally a force is transmitted to a bone in a specific fashion and at a "weak link" within the bone, causing a fracture to occur. Bending fractures are generally oblique or transverse, or they may have a butterfly fragment.

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Regarding this, what is a butterfly fracture?

Butterfly fragments are large, triangular fracture fragments seen commonly in comminuted long bone fractures. It is often displaced away from the axis of the long bone and may need a separate screw or plate if the fracture is treated with open reduction-internal fixation (ORIF).

Likewise, how does a oblique fracture happen? A transverse fracture is when the fracture line is perpendicular to the shaft (long part) of the bone. An oblique fracture is when the break is on an angle through the bone. A pathologic fracture is caused by a disease that weakens the bone. A stress fracture is a hairline crack.

Considering this, what are the forces that lead to a fracture?

FORCES THAT CAUSE FRACTURES The most common forces involved in fractures are compression (compaction - ex. commonly seen after falls), tension (stretching - ex. medieval rack), rotation (twisting), shear (sliding), and bending (angulation) (Galloway 46). Illustrates the forces that act upon bones.

How does a fracture heal?

In order for a fracture to heal, the bones must be held in the correct position and protected. Soon after a fracture occurs, the body acts to protect the injured area, and forms a protective blood clot and callus around the fracture. New "threads" of bone cells start to grow on both sides of the fracture line.

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