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What can you wear to repel wasps?

Wasps love yellow
Wasps are also attracted by certain colours, especially white and yellow. Like most insects, they cannot see the colour red, so it's worth investing in a red shirt, and — if you can withstand the mockery of your friends — some red trousers. Don't, whatever you do, splash on aftershave or perfume.

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Keeping this in view, what smell do wasps hate?

peppermint oil

Also, what should you wear to prevent wasp stings? If so, it is likely a nest or a source of food. Wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, and closed-toed boots or shoes. If you cannot avoid working near bees or wasps, wear a bee-keepers style hat with netting to cover your head, neck and shoulders.

Furthermore, how do you keep wasps away?

Alternatively, white vinegar mixed with equal parts water can be used as a spray to keep the wasps away. Another creative, natural repellent is a wasp decoy, which can deter wasps from building nests around your yard or inside your home.

What do wasps hate the most?

Wasps have an amazing sense of smell and detest the powerful odour of some fragrant plants. Fragrant herbs, such as Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood), Mentha spicata (Spearmint) and Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) are all good wasp deterrents and great for cooking too!

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