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What can you substitute for teeth in an experiment?

Eggshells are an easily obtainable substitute for the color, texture, and make-up of human teeth.

Things you need:
  • Dark-colored soda.
  • Drinking glass or clean jar.
  • White shelled egg.
  • Old toothbrush.
  • Fluoride toothpaste (check the tube to be sure it contains fluoride)
  • Clock or timer.

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Also, what is the closest material to teeth?

Eggshells are similar to tooth enamel. They share the same coloring, ranging from a light yellow to white. In addition, the eggshell protects the egg from breaking, just as tooth enamel protects the tooth from decaying.

Secondly, why are eggs a good substitute for teeth? Both teeth and eggs contain calcium compounds which can be attacked by acid. When an egg is put in vinegar the shell is weakened by the acid making it soft and more fragile. When teeth are exposed to acids in the mouth they become more vulnerable to cavities.

One may also ask, what can you use instead of teeth for a science fair project?

What We Learned From a Tooth Decay Experiment With Eggshells

  • Hard-boiled eggs (at least four, white-shelled eggs)
  • Soda (use a brand you prefer) or white vinegar.
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • 3 clear plastic cups.

Are egg shells the same as teeth?

Egg shells are made of calcium carbonate – a hard mineral that is similar to calcium phosphate, the substance our teeth are made of. Acids react with calcium carbonate, breaking it apart into calcium (which is carried off in the water) and carbon dioxide gas.

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