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What can I substitute for Guascas?

However, you can substitute guascas with dried oregano (still delicious, but not exactly the same flavor).

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In this manner, what is Guascas?

Guascas (Galinsoga parviflora) is an herb and leafy vegetable commonly used in the cuisine of Colombia and also some East African countries. In many other parts of the world, guascas or gallant soldier as it is known in English is considered a noxious wee.

Subsequently, question is, what do you serve with ajiaco? Ajiaco is seasoned with a Colombian herb called guascas and is traditionally served with slices of avocado, capers, and a mild sour cream. Cubans make a stew version of ajiaco that includes beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables, and in Peru, this dish is a side dish of potatoes, garlic, chilies, and herbs.

Also Know, what does Guascas taste like?

Another important ingredient in this soup, and the one that gives it its distinctive flavor, is an herb called guascas. Some people say it tastes like artichokes, others like peanuts, but I simply don't have a point of reference to even compare it to anything else.

Where is ajiaco?


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