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What can I say instead of love on a card?

(I agree that "Love" is not always the most appropriate closing but as long as it won't be misconstrued, I err on the side of using "Love" because it is not "said" often enough!)

A few examples:
  • "Best Wishes"
  • "Yours Truly"
  • "See you soon"
  • "Wishing you good fortune in the New Year"
  • "God bless"

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Correspondingly, how do you sign a card when you don't want to say LOVE?

Here are 55 ways to sign off your greeting card (or — letter, email etc.).

  1. Sincerely.
  2. Neighborly Yours.
  3. Love.
  4. With Love.
  5. Lots of Love.
  6. Yours Truly.
  7. Best.
  8. My Best.

Additionally, what does signing a card with love mean? In general, if you have to ask if "Love" is appropriate, you don't know the personal well enough to use it. It means what it says: you're sending your love (romantic or platonic) with the letter.

Keeping this in view, can I end a letter with love?

"In general, you would close a letter to a family member of close friend with "Love," "Best love," "Fondly," "Affectionately." If you are writing to someone you know less intimately you might use "All the best," "As always," "As ever," "With love," or, depending on the relationship, "Affectionately."

How do you sign a love card?

There's much to be said for the sweetness of a simple, sincere end to the letter.

  1. Ideas: "Love," "Yours," "With love," "Always," "Be well,"
  2. Use when: You want to come across as elegant. You want to end simply — classically.
  3. Don't use when: You want to come across as creative.

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