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What can I put behind my bed?

10 Things to Do With the Empty Space Over Your Bed
  • Paint (or wallpaper) the wall a rich, vibrant color. Collect this idea.
  • Hang a patterned rug.
  • Add a wall mural.
  • Create a gallery wall. Collect this idea.
  • Hang a room divider.
  • Hang a horizontal painting or mirror. Collect this idea.
  • Hang a series of wall art horizontally. Collect this idea.
  • Use vertical panels to fill the wall.

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Similarly, you may ask, what can I put behind bed instead of headboard?

Shelves make a great alternative to a headboard, providing space to display personal items such as books, pictures, artwork and decorative pieces. Trying using a textile in place of a headboard. In the image above a black and white floral tapestry was used as a decorative element and focal point to the space.

Secondly, can I put my bed in the middle of the room? The head of your bed should be sitting securely against a solid wall. This means that you are supported from the back. I know it may seem like common sense, but I've seen people place the beds with the headboard in the middle of the room, or even the whole bed floating in the middle of the room.

Correspondingly, what do you do with space above your bed?

The space above the bed is a tricky one to decorate.

15 Ideas for Filling the Empty Space Above Your Bed

  1. Go for Stability With Shelves.
  2. Wallpaper a Wall.
  3. Install a Shelf.
  4. Art + Sconces = Beauty & Useful.
  5. Accent with Abstract Art.
  6. Open Up the Room with a Mirror.
  7. Drape a Tapestry.
  8. Toss a Tapestry Over a Curtain Rod.

What's the point of a headboard?

The headboard is a piece of furniture that attaches to the head of a bed. Historically, they served to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings, and thus were made of wood, which is less thermally conductive than stone or brick.

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