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What can I do with ginkgo nuts?

Ginko nuts are reputed to be very healthy, stimulating the brain, preventing Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases. The leaves also can be made into a soothing skin salve.

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Then, what can I do with gingko nuts?

Ginkgo nuts are also served during the Chinese New Year. The Japanese call them ginnan and use them in dishes such as chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) and dobin mushi (soup steamed in a teapot.) Roasted and salted ginkgo nuts on a skewer is a popular izakaya snack.

Beside above, is the fruit of the ginkgo tree edible? Many area sidewalks are littered with the foul-smelling fruits of ginkgo trees. If carefully harvested, the fruits yield a nut meat that's edible in small amounts. The downside of this ornamental tree is the tendency for female trees to drop stinky fruits. (The fan-shaped leaves are odor-free.)

Similarly, how do you cook ginkgo nuts?

Whip up a batch by placing the (dry) ginkgo nuts in a cast-iron skillet with olive oil over medium-high heat, then sprinkle them with sea salt. Cook until the shells split and the interior nut reveals itself as a luminescent green. Allow the nuts to slightly cool, then go to town on them while they're still warm.

What is ginkgo fruit used for?

Seeds are cooked and used for treatment of lung ailments in traditional Chinese medicine. Used externally to remove freckles and sooth sores. Highly concentrated ginkgo leaf extract ingested to improve circulation to the brain and as an antioxidant.

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