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What can I be called instead of Grandma?

Modern or Hip Nicknames for Grandma
Abba Amma Birdie
Bunny Gigi Gogo
Kitty MayMay Mimi
Yaya Mom Mom Nonnie
Nonna Nene Gaga

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In respect to this, what are alternative names for grandma?

Traditional Nicknames for Grandma

  • Nan.
  • Nana.
  • Nanny.
  • Gran.
  • Grana.
  • Granny.
  • Grannie.
  • Gram.

Furthermore, what is a nickname for great grandmother? My kids call one set of grandparents "Mimi and Papa", if that helps. " Gigi" would be a very sassy nickname for a great-grandmother.

Beside above, what do you call your grandmother?

Traditional name for grandmothers

  • Grandma.
  • Granny.
  • Nana/Nanna.
  • Nanny.
  • Grammy.
  • Gram.
  • Grandmother.

What do Southerners call their grandparents?

Knee Babies, Meemaws, and Ontees Let's start with Southern grandparent names. The most common grandmother names seem to be Grandma and Gramma, sometimes with a "w" attached to create Grandmaw and Grammaw. Another popular choice is Mawmaw or Meemaw, sometimes spelled MawMaw or MeeMaw.

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