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What can cause fetal tachycardia?

The fetal tachycardia causes include maternal fever, dehydration or anxiety, maternal ketosis, medications like anticholinergic medications, sympathomimetic medications like terbutaline, fetal movement, preterm fetus, maternal thyrotoxicosis and maternal anaemia1.

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Just so, what does fetal tachycardia indicate?

Fetal tachycardia is an abnormal increase in the fetal heart rate. It is variably defined as a heart rate above 160-180 beats per minute (bpm) and typically ranges between 170-220 bpm (higher rates can occur with tachyarrhythmias).

Furthermore, what does it mean if your baby heartbeat is fast? It's normal for a heart rate to be irregular — meaning that the heart will slow down or speed up from time to time. But when it beats faster than what's considered normal for an extended length of time, it could signal a problem.

Herein, what causes high heart rate in fetus?

There are a number of maternal conditions that increase the likelihood of tachycardia in the fetus. Hyperthyroidism secondary to thyroid stimulating antibodies, fever associated with systemic infections and substance abuse may result in an increase in the fetal heart rate above the normal range.

Is 170 heart rate too high for baby?

For a baby, sinus tachycardia is usually means a heart rate over 160-170 beats per minute. In a school age child, sinus tachycardia is usually considered a heart rate over 120 beats per minute. Most of the time sinus tachycardia is not a problem but actually a normal physiologic response of the body.

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