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What can a drill be used for?

A drill is a tool primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driver, depending on application, secured by a chuck. Some powered drills also include a hammer function. Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size.

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Keeping this in view, what can a cordless drill be used for?

Uses of Cordless Drill Driver. Power drills are electrical tools which are primarily used for two purposes. Firstly, they put holes in wood, walls or other tough surfaces. Secondly, they fix screws and fasteners onto surfaces.

should I buy a drill or impact driver? Why You Should Buy the Drill So the drill takes care of drilling and boring tasks much better than an impact driver, even though you could use an impact for that task. The drill may not be as fast as an impact driver on screws and other fasteners, but you won't lose the quality of the result by using it.

In this regard, can you use an impact driver as a drill?

Yes, you can use an impact driver. You can make small holes in light-gauge steel and soft wood with an impact driver using a standard hex-shank drill bit, but if you want to make holes larger than ¼ inch in heavy steel, hardwood, or pressure-treated lumber, you need a bit rated specifically for an impact driver.

Can a cordless drill go through brick?

A more honest answer is that most cordless drills, can easily handle cement, brick, mortar and concrete. ?Most modern cordless drills are quite close to being on a par with their corded equivalents. For the big tough jobs I still prefer to use my corded drill, but for almost every other job, I use my cordless one.

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