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What bugs does Taurus SC kill?

The Bottom Line. Taurus SC insecticide is very effective against many types of bugs. The entire variety includes spiders, ants, termites, roaches, box-elder bugs, house crickets, millipedes, centipedes, cluster flies, and pill bugs.

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Also to know is, what insects does Taurus SC kill?

Taurus SC is a non-repellant insecticide labeled for termite treatments and home perimeter treatments. Kills fleas, ants, spiders and many other listed pests. Taurus SC 20 ounce container makes about 25 gallons.

Likewise, is Taurus SC safe for humans? The active ingredient in Termidor is a chemical called fipronil, which works by blocking receptors in the brains and nervous systems of living organisms. The substance is toxic to people and pets, and the only difference between the products available to homeowners and professionals is the quantity in which it's sold.

One may also ask, is Taurus SC effective?

Taurus SC termiticide/insecticide contains 9.1% Fipronil. Available in 20 fl. Effective immediately, The Taurus SC use Directions includeup to four (4) applicationsper year at The 0.03% dilution rate for outside surfaces & along the foundation perimeter of listed structures.

Can Taurus SC be used indoors?

Answer: Taurus SC can only be used for small spot treatments for active termite colonies indoors. It is not labeled for general pest control indoors. It is safe to use around pets and children if used as directed.

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