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What brand of mattress is the Westin Heavenly Bed?

The Heavenly® Bed is manufactured by Simmons exclusively for Westin Hotels. It is composed of a 13" no flip pillow top mattress and individually pocketed coils. The standard box spring unit is 8 ¾".

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Considering this, what mattress is comparable to the Westin Heavenly Bed?

THE BED: The Heavenly Bed is a 12.5-inch thick Simmons Beautyrest pillow top mattress. Down pillows, cotton sheets, down blanket, duvet wrap optional. THE COMPETITION: Sealy, Serta and other Simmons beds as well as hotel mattresses including Marriott Bed.

Secondly, are Westin Heavenly Beds good? Westin Hotels & Resorts Westin's Heavenly Bed has been delivering good sleep for nearly 20 years.

Subsequently, question is, what mattress is closest to Heavenly Bed?

The Heavenly bed used to be the similar to the top-end World Class Beautyrest but now I would look at the Beautyrest Black series. Just be aware that many of us have had problems with foam pillow top mattresses having pre-mature body impressions.

What mattress does Ritz Carlton use?

Exclusively designed for The Ritz-Carlton by Stearns & Foster, the Ritz-Carlton bed features special foam and coil technology that will keep you cooler at night, while still remaining soft and inviting.

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