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What brand of coffee does Bojangles use?

Bojangles' rolls out proprietary coffee blend. Bojangles' has introduced a new coffee called "BoJo." Specifically blended for Bojangles', BoJo is made from 100-percent Arabica beans, and is a medium roast, premium blend featuring a smooth taste.

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Regarding this, what kind of coffee does Bojangles have?

100% Arabica coffee, freshly brewed until it's hot and available in 12oz and 16oz sizes.

Subsequently, question is, how much is coffee at Bojangles? Bojangles' serves many different foods such as biscuits, sandwiches, salads, boxes of chicken, dinner meals, family meals, and boneless chicken. Their sides are called “Fixin's”. Below are the latest Bojangles' menu prices.

Bojangles' Prices.

Food Size Price
Milk $0.99
Orange Juice $1.59
Coffee Small $1.29
Coffee Regular $1.49

In this regard, does Bojangles have good coffee?

Bojangles' new, freshly-brewed coffee is a medium roast, premium blend that has a smooth taste for a great cup of coffee. “Bojangles' is proud to offer the perfect complement to any item on our menu with BoJo.

What are Bojangles sides?

Bojangles' has a large selection of Southern-inspired sides, including cole slaw, "picnic grits," cajun-flavored pinto beans, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and "Bo-Tato Rounds" (mini hash browns fried to a golden brown with a hint of onion).

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