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What beach in Maui was shark attack?

Ka'anapali Beach Park

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Similarly, which beach in Maui has the most shark attacks?

Kaanapali Beach

Likewise, how common are shark attacks in Maui? There are usually 2 to 3 attacks around Hawaii per year, but almost always non-fatal. With the millions of people in the ocean around Maui every year, your chances of being attacked are slim to none. There has never been a reported attack of a scuba diver in Hawaiian waters.

where was shark attack in Maui?

Sixth shark attack in Hawaii in 2019. A man from California died after an apparent shark attack in Hawaii on Saturday, officials said. The Maui Fire Department said the incident happened around 9 a.m. at Honokowai Point near Ka'anapali Beach Park area on Maui as the man was swimming about 60 yards from shore.

Where are the most shark attacks in Hawaii?

According the DLNR's list of shark incidents, most interactions with sharks occur off Maui. Oahu is second, then Hawaii, Kauai and Lanai. "While all shark attacks are traumatizing, they do not occur as frequently as you'd think," the SafeWise report read.

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