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What atom will be formed when polonium undergoes alpha decay?

Thus polonium-210 (mass number 210 and atomic number 84, i.e., a nucleus with 84 protons) decays by alpha emission to lead-206 (atomic number 82).

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In respect to this, what is produced when polonium 218 undergoes alpha decay?

When Polonium-218 undergoes alpha decay, it produces lead (Pb).

Beside above, what happens to an atom during alpha decay? Alpha decay is one process that unstable atoms can use to become more stable. During alpha decay, an atom's nucleus sheds two protons and two neutrons in a packet that scientists call an alpha particle. Since an atom loses two protons during alpha decay, it changes from one element to another.

In this manner, what nuclide is formed when 211po undergoes α decay?

A nucleus of uranium-238 (the parent nuclide) undergoes α decay to form thorium-234 (the daughter nuclide). The alpha particle removes two protons (green) and two neutrons (gray) from the uranium-238 nucleus.

What element is formed when bismuth 214 undergoes alpha decay?

Bi-214 undergoes beta decay which delivers Polonium(Po, atomic number of84), and the daughter of Po-214 undergoes alpha-decay which delivers Lead (Pb, atomic number of 82) Ld-210 undergoes beta decay which delivers bismuth(Bi, atomic number of83), and the daugh

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