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What are three sources of the contaminants that cause eutrophication?

The most common nutrients causing eutrophication are nitrogen and phosphorus. The main source of nitrogen pollutants is run-off from agricultural land, whereas most phosphorus pollution comes from households and industry, including phosphorus-based detergents.

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People also ask, what are the sources of eutrophication?

Eutrophication sources

  • Urban sources of eutrophication include domestic sewage, industrial wastes and storm drainage.
  • Rural sources include agriculture, forest management, and rural dwellings.
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Secondly, what are the three major sources of nutrient pollution? The primary sources of nutrient pollution are runoff of fertilizers, animal manure, sewage treatment plant discharges, storm water runoff, car and power plant emissions, and failing septic tanks.

Consequently, what human activities cause eutrophication?

Human activities can contribute excess amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus into water. Therefore, human causes of eutrophication include the use of agricultural fertilizers. Other causes include sewage and aquaculture, which is the growing or farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants.

What are 2 types of eutrophication?

There are two types of eutrophication: natural and cultural. Furthermore, there are two types of sources for the nutrients and sedimentary materials: point and nonpoint.

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