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What are the two general types of dimensions used on drawings?

Dimensions fall into two types, size dimensions and location dimensions. Size dimensions are used to provide the measurements for the size of features and objects. Location dimensions are used to locate fea- tures and objects. Notes are also placed on drawings.

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Furthermore, what are the two basic kinds of dimensions?

The basic types of dimensioning are linear, radial, angular, ordinate, and arc length.

Furthermore, what is dimensioning in drawing? Definition Dimensioning is the process of specifying part' s information by using of lines, number, symbols and notes . Notes 1. Lines to be used are always thin continuous line. Symbol or abbreviation commonly found in a drawing are - “ diameter ” is represented by a symbol “ ? ? ”.

Moreover, what are the two system of placing dimensions on a drawing?

Explanation: The two systems of placing dimensions are aligned system and unidirectional system. In the aligned system, the dimension is placed perpendicular to the dimension line. In the unidirectional system, all dimensions are placed such that they can be read from the bottom of the drawing sheet. 2.

How many types of dimensions are there in engineering drawing?

Two types of dimensions needed on a drawing are: i) size or functional dimensions and ii) location or datum dimensions. Explanation: Yes, the given statement is true. The former indicate sizes i.e. length, breadth, height, depth, etc.

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