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What are the three objectives of development?

Economist Michael Todaro specified three objectives of development: Life sustaining goods and services: To increase the availability and widen the distribution of basic life-sustaining goods such as food, shelter, health and protection.

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Similarly, it is asked, what are the objectives of development planning?

In short, only planned economic development can hope to achieve a rate of growth which is politically acceptable. The most fundamental objective of planning is to alter the pattern of resources use and, if possible, to intensify such use in such a fashion as to achieve certain socially desirable goals.

Likewise, what is the purpose of development? The purpose of development is a rise in the level and quality of life of the population, and the creation or expansion of local regional income and employment opportunities, without damaging the resources of the environment. Development is visible and useful, not necessarily immediately, and includes an aspect of

Correspondingly, what are the three core values of development?

There are three core values of development: (i) sustenance, (ii) self- esteem, and (iii) freedom. Sustenance: Sustenance is the ability to meet basic needs of people. All people have certain basic needs without which life would be impossible. These basic needs include food, shelter, health, and protection.

Why is development of a country important?

Economic development helps to protect the local economy from economic downturns by attracting and expanding the region's major employers. The increased presence of companies in the region translates to increased tax revenue for community projects and local infrastructure.

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