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What are the stages of surgery?

Perioperative may refer to the three phases of surgery: preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative, though it is a term most often used for the first and third of these only - a term which is often specifically utilized to imply 'around' the time of the surgery.

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Also asked, what are the phases of surgery?

The perioperative period is a term used to describe the three distinct phases of any surgical procedure, which includes the preoperative phase, the intraoperative phase, and the postoperative phase.

One may also ask, what is the preoperative phase of surgery? Definition: The preoperative phase is the time period between the decision to have surgery and the beginning of the surgical procedure.

Accordingly, what are the 4 stages of general anesthesia?

There are four stages of general anesthesia, namely: analgesia - stage 1, delirium - stage 2, surgical anesthesia - stage 3 and respiratory arrest - stage 4. As the patient is increasingly affected by the anesthetic his anesthesia is said to become 'deeper'.

What is First Stage recovery after surgery?

The early postoperative recovery phase has been defined as the first 24 h [5, 6] or the first seven days [7–9]. The speed and extent of recovery in the early phase is influenced most by pain, nausea, peri-operative medications and delirium [10].

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