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What are the signs of delirium?

Behavior changes
  • Seeing things that don't exist (hallucinations)
  • Restlessness, agitation or combative behavior.
  • Calling out, moaning or making other sounds.
  • Being quiet and withdrawn — especially in older adults.
  • Slowed movement or lethargy.
  • Disturbed sleep habits.
  • Reversal of night-day sleep-wake cycle.

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Similarly, what is the first sign of delirium?

Signs and symptoms of delirium include a decrease in attention span, intermittent confusion, disorientation, cognitive changes, hallucinations, altered level of consciousness, delusions, dysphasia, tremors, dysarthria, and a decrease in short-term memory.

Likewise, does delirium go away? Delirium often clears in a few days or weeks. Some may not respond to treatment for many weeks. You may also see problems with memory and thought process that do not go away. Talk to your health provider about your concerns.

Consequently, what are the causes of delirium?

Causes of delirium can include:

  • infections, such as pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
  • imbalances in acetylcholine or dopamine levels.
  • brain tumors.
  • head trauma.
  • kidney or liver failure.
  • alcohol, medicine, or drug misuse.
  • certain medications, such as blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, and sedatives.

What is the most common cause of delirium in the elderly?

There are many potential causes, with the most common including infections, medications, and organ failure (such as severe lung or liver disease). The underlying infection or condition is not necessarily a brain problem. As examples: A urinary tract infection or dehydration can cause delirium in certain people.

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