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What are the signs and symptoms of garlic mustard?

Leaves feel hairless, and the root has an "S" or "L" shape just below the stem base. In spring, roots and new leaves smell like garlic, and small, four-petal white flowers appear clustered at stem ends, followed by long, skinny seedpods.

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Furthermore, how can you tell garlic mustard?

The seed pods look like those of several other mustard (Brassicaceae) species. The easiest way to distinguish garlic mustard from these plant families is to crush the leaves. If they emit a strong garlic smell, then the plant is most likely garlic mustard.

Secondly, how does garlic mustard affect humans? Garlic Mustard forms dense monocultures that reduce the biodiversity and aesthetic value of natural areas. The effects of Garlic Mustard on ecosystems are long-lasting and may permanently alter forests, even after removal. It releases allelopathic chemicals that change soil chemistry and prevent growth of other plants.

One may also ask, what does garlic mustard do?

Garlic mustard also produces root exudates that inhibit the growth of important soil fungi and leaf chemicals that kill native butterfly larvae that feed on the plant. Garlic mustard is edible and is used in its native range for a great variety of dietary and medicinal purposes.

What problems does garlic mustard cause?

In addition to physically crowding out native plants—especially spring ephemerals like trillium and violets—garlic mustard releases chemicals into the soil that hinder the growth of other plants. Furthermore, few native herbivores will eat garlic mustard, giving it a large competitive advantage over native plants.

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