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What are the red ponds near SFO?

Originally Answered: What are these red areas near SFO? That beautiful stained glass land art is actually a series of salt evaporation ponds, commonly known as the Cargill Salt Ponds. With over 80% of its wetlands dedicated to development, salt mining was one of San Francisco's largest industries since 1854.

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Likewise, people ask, what are the colored pools in the San Francisco Bay?

Flying over the bay or driving over some of the area's bridges, you will notice salt evaporation ponds with distinctive colors: beautiful green and red hues, colored by the micro-organisms that thrive at varying salinity levels. As the sun and wind evaporate water from the brines, they get saltier.

Furthermore, why is the water in San Francisco Bay Green? But it begins in San Francisco Bay. Salty water from the bay is captured in vast ponds, where it starts to evaporate because of heat from the sun and drying by the wind. At first, the ponds are green or brownish in color, like the bay itself.

Keeping this in consideration, why are salt ponds pink?

The evaporation ponds cover an array of hues from bright green, where low salinity encourages green algae to thrive, to a deep coral pink or red hue that is caused by the algae Dunaliella, producing a red pigment in response to high salt content.

How salty is San Francisco Bay?

Salinity is measured in 'practical salinity units', and the salinity of the coastal ocean is about 33-34 psu. This series shows that composition of the South Bay surface waters ranges from about 93% seawater during the dry seasons to about 50% seawater during the wet seasons when river flow dilutes the seawater.

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