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What are the properties of seawater?

As mentioned before, sea water contains 3.5% salts, dissolved gasses, organic substances and undissolved particulate matter. The presence of salts influences most physical properties of sea water (density, compressibility, freezing point, temperature of the density maximum) to some degree but does not determine them.

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Just so, what are the three properties of seawater?

Temperature, salinity and density.

Also Know, what are the physical properties of the ocean? The most important physical properties of sea water are a high thermal capacity, high dissolving ability, density, low heat conductivity, transmission of light and sound and good electrical conductivity. In many respects, these properties depend upon temperature, salinity and pressure.

Considering this, what are the properties of salt water?

Seawater has unique properties: it is saline, its freezing point is slightly lower than fresh water, its density is slightly higher, its electrical conductivity is much higher, and it is slightly basic.

What is the composition of sea water?

Figure 14.4: Ocean water is composed of many substances. The salts include sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride. Perhaps the most important substance dissolved in the ocean is salt. Everyone knows that ocean water tastes salty.

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