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What are the problems in Cambodia?

World Report 2015: Cambodia
  • Excessive Use of Lethal and Other Force.
  • Impunity and Politically Motivated Prosecutions.
  • Land Confiscation and Forced Evictions.
  • Arbitrary Detention, Torture, and Other Ill-Treatment.
  • New Laws Strengthening Government Control of the Judiciary.
  • Khmer Rouge Tribunal.
  • Labor Rights.

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Then, what is the biggest problem in Cambodia?

Cambodia has a lot of problems. First, Cambodia has problems of basic social environments. The GNP level of Cambodia is very low and it is a low income country. A poor-and-needy ratio exceeds 30% of population, and the population growth rate is high, so poverty doesn't decrease.

Also Know, what causes poverty in Cambodia? population growth The rate of Cambodia's population's growth also contributes to poverty in the country. People are giving births faster than the country can develop. This causes the ratio between babies and working adults to be unbalanced. People are working more and more to look for money to support their families.

In respect to this, what are the environmental issues in Cambodia?

The rapid economic and population growth in Cambodia is leading to significant environmental pollution. Economic development activities have generated major environmental consequences, including air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and solid wastes.

Why is Cambodia not clean water?

The main reason millions of Cambodians lack access to clean water is that the government has made other development areas a higher priority, he said. Boosting water supply “is a vital factor which allows people to be healthy and contribute to the development of the country,” he said.

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