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What are the parts of a handrail called?

Parts of a Railing System
  • Baluster. A baluster is a short and decorative post, pillar, or column in a series that supports the top rail.
  • Balustrade. A balustrade is a railing supported by a series of balusters.
  • Bottom Rail. A bottom rail is the lower, bar-like component of a railing.
  • Guardrail.
  • Hinge.
  • Landing.
  • Lattice.
  • Newel Posts.

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Also, what are the parts of a stair railing called?

Staircase Terminology

  • Balcony. A level balustrade usually on the 2nd floor – also called gallery.
  • Baluster. The smaller vertical pieces in the balustrade that help support the handrail – also called spindles, pickets or uprights.
  • Balustrade.
  • Bullnose Starting Step.
  • Carriage – see stringer.
  • Circular Staircase.
  • Closed Stair.
  • Fascia.

what are the parts of stairs? The Basic Stair Components

  • The stair, itself, is composed of four main parts which include the stringers, treads, risers and the starter step (swell step).
  • Treads—These are horizontal parts of your stair.
  • The Risers—This stair component is the vertical portion of a stair.

Regarding this, what is the end of a handrail called?

Newel: Also called a central pole, it is the major supporting pillar of a balustrade system, typically located at the bottom and top of a stairway, or at a turn in a handrail. . Although its primary purpose is structural, newels have been adorned with decorative trim and varying designs. (May also be called a Post.)

What are railings made of?

The widely used material for Railing is Wrought Iron, Aluminium, Brass, Cast Iron, mild and stainless steel. Mostly the steel railings are made up of vertical bars.

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