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What are the parts of a croquet set?

A basic croquet set consists of 6 hoops, 1 peg, 4 mallets and 4 balls coloured red, black, yellow and blue.

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Similarly, you may ask, how many pieces are in a croquet set?

A stake is then placed behind each top and bottom croquet wicket. For a two to four player croquet game, you'll need four croquet balls; for a six-player croquet game, croquet law calls for six croquet balls.

what happens when you hit someone's ball in croquet? The striker earns one bonus shot if the striker ball scores a wicket or hits the turning stake. The striker earns two bonus shots if the striker ball hits another ball (a "roquet"). You are “dead” on a ball for extra shots until you clear your next wicket or on the start of your next turn whichever comes first.

In this manner, what are the rules for croquet?

Croquet can be played by two or four or six players. The object of the game is to hit your ball(s) through the course of six hoops in the right sequence in each direction and finish by hitting them against the centre peg. The side which completes the course first with both balls wins.

Is Croquet a rich person sport?

Croquet. This is a traditional pastime of the rich people – the upper crust, who enjoy the feel of sunshine on their face, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the whack of a croquet mallet sending a ball through a wicket. This backyard game often happens in exclusive country clubs.

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