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What are the nine warning signs of cancer?

9 subtle signs of cancer you should never ignore
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Ongoing tiredness.
  • Unexplained or irregular bleeding.
  • Swelling in the neck.
  • Mouth ulcers that don't heal.
  • Persistent bloating.
  • Changes to bowel habits.
  • Non-healing skin blemishes.

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In this manner, what are the 7 warning signs of cancer?

The seven warning signs for cancer include:

  • A Sore that Doesn't Heal or Continues to Bleed, or a Lump or Thickening on the Skin or in the.
  • A Thickening or Lump Anywhere in the Body.
  • Unusual Bleeding or Discharge from any Body Opening.
  • A Persistent Change in Bowel or Bladder Habits.
  • A Persistent Cough or Hoarseness.

Additionally, what are the 10 signs of cancer? 10 cancer symptoms men shouldn't ignore

  • Abnormal lump. Have you recently felt a mass or lump right below your skin?
  • Changes in your testicles.
  • Changes in your restroom habits.
  • Changes in your skin.
  • Indigestion or trouble swallowing.
  • Persistent cough or hoarseness.
  • Changes in your mouth.
  • Unexplained weight loss.

Furthermore, what is the first sign of cancer?

A lump A lump or thickening of skin can be an early or late sign of cancer. People with cancers in the breast, lymph nodes, soft tissues, and testicles typically have lumps. (1,2) Skin changes Yellowing, darkening, or redness of the skin can signal cancer.

What are the 12 signs of cancer?

Some common symptoms that may occur with cancer are as follows:

  • Persistent cough or blood-tinged saliva.
  • A change in bowel habits.
  • Blood in the stool.
  • Unexplained anemia (low blood count)
  • Breast lump or breast discharge.
  • Lumps in the testicles.
  • A change in urination.

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