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What are the methods available in String class?

Java String class provides a lot of methods to perform operations on strings such as compare(), concat(), equals(), split(), length(), replace(), compareTo(), intern(), substring() etc. The java.lang.String class implements Serializable, Comparable and CharSequence interfaces.

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Consequently, what type of class is the String class?

A Brief Summary of the String Class A Java String contains an immutable sequence of Unicode characters. Unlike C/C++, where string is simply an array of char , A Java String is an object of the class java. lang . Java String is, however, special.

Also, how do you use string method? public boolean isEmpty(): This method returns true if the given string has 0 length. If the length of the specified Java String is non-zero then it returns false. public static String join(): This method joins the given strings using the specified delimiter and returns the concatenated Java String.

People also ask, how many indexOf methods are in the String class?

Java String indexOf() There are four variants of indexOf() method.

What are the string classes in Java?

The String class represents character strings. All string literals in Java programs, such as "abc" , are implemented as instances of this class. Strings are constant; their values cannot be changed after they are created.

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