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What are the main causes of blizzards?

The three most important things necessary to form a blizzard are a cold air, moisture, and a warm rising air. Cold air, air that is below freezing is necessary for snowing. Sometimes blizzards are created by strong winds picking up snow that already had fallen.

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Keeping this in consideration, what are the causes of blizzards?

For a blizzard to form, warm air must rise over cold air. There are two ways that this may happen. Winds pull cold air toward the equator from the poles and bring warm air toward the poles from the equator. When warm air and cold air are brought together, a front is formed and precipitation occurs.

Beside above, where do blizzards occur and why? Geography. Some areas are more likely to be hit by blizzards than others, but a blizzard can occur in any place where snow falls. In North America, blizzards happen often in the northern-east states, and in the provinces of Canada. In this region, blizzards can happen more than twice each winter.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what are the main effects of blizzards?

Blizzards affect people by shutting down cities and transportation systems, damaging property, hurting the economy and causing injuries and loss of life. Blizzards affect the environment by damaging or destroying trees, plants and crops and causing flooding when large amounts of snow melt.

Why are blizzards dangerous?

A blizzard forms when heavy snow falls and strong winds blow the snow around, making it hard to see. Blizzards are extremely dangerous because people can lose their way in the blinding snow. The strong wind can create a cold wind chill, making the temperature feel even colder.

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