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What are the levels of knowledge?

The Six Levels Of Knowledge
  • Level 1: Remembering. Traditional “rote learning”; emphasizes the accumulation and recall of known (or accepted) information.
  • Level 2: Understanding.
  • Level 3: Applying.
  • Level 4: Analyzing.
  • Level 5: Evaluating.
  • Level 6: Creating.

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In this manner, what are the 4 levels of knowledge?

Four Types of Knowledge 1

  • Dualism-Received Knowledge. (knowledge as objective facts) View of Knowledge:
  • Multiplicity-Subjective Knowledge. (knowledge based in subjective experience) View of Knowledge:
  • Relativism-Procedural Knowledge. (knowledge as disciplinary, methodological) View of Knowledge:
  • Commitment In Relativism-

Furthermore, what are the six levels of cognition? Bloom's taxonomy describes six cognitive categories: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. For ease of classification, the six cognitive domains have been collapsed into three.

Also question is, what are the two levels of knowledge?

Levels of Knowledge

  • Levels of Knowledge.
  • • Factual Knowledge – The basic elements students must know to be acquainted with a.
  • discipline or solve problems.
  • • Conceptual Knowledge – The interrelationships among the basic elements within a larger.
  • structure that enable them to function together.

What are the Dok levels?

Level 1 DOK is recall and recognition. Level 2 – is about using a skill or a concept, i.e. Paraphrase. Conceptual understanding generally refers to the integration and application of concepts and other ideas within a content area.

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