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What are the instruments of Rondalla?

The rondalla instruments are the bandurria, the laud, the octavina, the guitar and the bass-guitar (bajo de uñas).

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Simply so, what are the parts of an instrument of the Rondalla?

The Parts. The main parts of the stringed instruments of the rondalla are basically the same. A hollow body (sound box) constructed of a sound board (top plate), which is attached to a back board (back plate) by side walls (rims) forms the main body of the instrument.

Also, how many strings Rondalla have? 14

Additionally, what is Rondalla in music?

The rondalla is an ensemble of stringed instruments played with the plectrum or pick and generally known as plectrum instruments. It originated in Medieval Spain, especially in Castile, Catalonia, Aragon, Murcia, and Valencia. The word rondalla is from the Spanish ronda, meaning "serenade."

Who is the father of Rondalla?

He soon learned to play the guitar and at the age of six he surprised and thrilled listeners with his guitar rendition of the "William Tell Overture." Juan Silos, Jr. A Filipino composer and arranger who is known as the "father of the rondalla." Silos organized several rondalla groups including school rondallas at St.

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